A History of the Museum

The Steve Savitz Museum houses the world’s most comprehensive collection of work produced and created by Steve Savitz: writer, painter, musician, photographer, filmmaker, primatologist, philosopher, poet, bee-wrangler, forensic phlebotomist, bobcat impersonator, professional cheese-taster and co-inventor of the Semi-Retractible Bovine Suspender™.

The museum, which today stands at the intersection of Reticence and Lackluster was founded in 1878 - nearly a hundred years before Steve Savitz was even born. This was due to the keen prescience and foresight of its founders, Jerry and Manuel Mendelbaum - who realized that revenue from a museum of such magnitude would surely break even in about two-hundred years or so, when the unborn artist is actually deceased.

No small undertaking. It would take time, perseverance, planning and a lot of luck if the Mendelbaums were to construct a museum of such dazzle and pizazz as to catch the fleeting fancy of ineffectual critics and dilettantes. The Architect firm of Chattering Young Buttworth was immediately enlisted to draft up a series of blueprints. After a two week summit full of fervent discourse, bitter dissent and some shin-kicking, they finally put forth the following credo: “We shall design a building of wonder and beauty - but without compromising the food court”. This was met with unanimous applause, even from the Mendelbaums, who had a notorious penchant for chop suey but were partial also to frosted donuts and lemon cream pies at Waffle House. All agreed that the food court was of tantamount concern, and it took many drafts and revisions before they  resolved how to configure a world-class museum around a world-class refreshment stand and snack cafe.

The following year, construction of the Main Pavilion commenced. Such a marvel of elegant contour and design was this building that the Young Buttworth firm was immediately commissioned to construct the adjacent Photography Wing. The Hall of Photography, miraculously, was erected in just one day, despite one of the most severe winters in that day’s history. A fact perhaps even more astounding however, was that it was built entirely by a team of blind men. There were many casualties.

Today the Steve Savitz Museum and its unparalleled snack cafe house more than two hundred paintings, drawings, objects of art, manuscripts, journals, poems, songs, film-strips, pies, funnel-cakes, eclairs, frosty beverages and an assortment of treats that will make your visit palatable and unforgettable. 


There are 17 curatorial departments. The staff presently consists of 1,832 full-time employees and 900 volunteers and one janitor.


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